Thursday, August 16, 2018

Sunday Morning Preview - August 19, 2018

Solus Christus, or Christ Alone, is the biblical teaching that salvation is found in Jesus Christ alone. Apart from Him there is no salvation. All other saviours are pretenders, all contrary teachings are false and every other path leads to eternal damnation in hell. No one else can or does save. Christians know that Jesus’s substitutionary death on the cross is wholly sufficient for our justification and reconciliation to God the Father. 

This is extremely offensive to our pluralistic ears and I want to assure you that I mean it exactly as it sounds.

The plan is to approach the subject from two angles:
1.) Christ’s identity is absolutely exclusive - He alone is able to save us because of who He is (Aug. 19)
2.) Christ’s work is entirely sufficient - Nothing more needs to be done to secure our salvation (Aug. 26)

I hope to see you all Sunday morning.

Pastor Dan