Friday, December 25, 2015

December 27, 2015 at Dakota Community Church

Please join me at DCC this Sunday morning to close out the year with an important message from the Book of James on the relationship between faith and works.

There is a lot of talk in the Church these days about the importance of emphasizing deeds over creeds. The popular idea is that there is far to much “talking the talk” in Christian circles and no where near enough “walking the walk.” 

Is this a legitimate concern? 
Can these two categories even be rightly separated from one another?
What value is there in a faith that demonstrates no corresponding works — then again; what good are works that do not spring from saving faith? 

I hope to see you all this Sunday morning 
- Pastor Dan

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Eve at Dakota

Please join me in the upstairs sanctuary this Thursday evening at 5:30 as we light the final Advent Candle, share communion and celebrate the birth of Christ with Christmas carols and fellowship around the Word of God.

My message this year is entitled “Christmas Rush” and is a simple call to stop for a moment in the middle of all the seasonal excitement to reflect on Who this story is really all about.

Have you seen? Have you heard?
Have you responded appropriately?

I hope to see you all Christmas Eve!

Pastor Dan

Saturday, December 19, 2015

December 20, 2015 at Dakota

Please join me at DCC this Sunday morning for what is sure to be a wonderful time in fellowship and in the Word of God.

The morning begins at 9:30 with pre-service prayer and then coffee time.

The service will begin at 10:30 during which we will enjoy our usual time of worship, fellowship, and finally, Pastor Dan Van De Laar will be continuing the sermon series he has entitled; A Study Through the Epistle of Hebrews

If you’ve missed either of the first two messages in the series they are available on our website at

Hope to see you all there! 

- Pastor Dan 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sunday Morning Preview - December 13, 2015

 We have a busy weekend planned at DCC:

On Saturday at noon we have the Sunday School Christmas Pageant practice. Pizza will be provided and pick-up is at 1:30pm

Sunday morning we will start things off at 10 with a Pre-Concert Pot Luck Brunch followed by the Sunday School Presentation, a time of worship and a brief message from Pastor Dan C. on the importance of not falling into the practice of comparing and judging one another in the Body of Christ.

Please remember to bring along some brunch type goodies to share, beverages will be provided. 

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Sunday Morning Preview - December 6, 2015

I hope you will join me this Sunday at DCC as we continue our journey through the Epistle of James with Part 7 of “Pure Religion”.

Last week we continued our examination of what James meant when he said that Christians are to keep themselves “Unstained from the world” and Sunday I am planning to wrap this series up with a closer look at 1 John 2:15-17 (See Below).

Notice that worldliness is expressed here in sinful tendencies that come from within us.
  • Desires of the flesh 
    • Desires of the eyes
      • Pride of life  — which is literally pride in possessions 

This is what John says characterizes the evil world we are commanded not to love and that James warns us not to become stained by.  Notice also that these fleshly failures set the agenda for our entire world system. 

Join me this Sunday for another sober look at worldliness; and what it means to avoid it. - Pastor Dan