Thursday, June 28, 2018

Sunday Morning Preview - July 1, 2018

I hope everyone will be able to join me this Canada Day long weekend for the launch of our 2018 Summer Sermon Series entitled, “The Five Solas of the Reformation”.

We live in a day when the authority of Scripture is openly challenged, the necessity of grace and faith for salvation are ridiculed, Christ’s exclusive claim as the only way to the Father is mocked, and the Glory of God is profaned in favour of cultural acceptance and the approval of man.

The temptation to view the central ideas underpinning the Protestant Reformation as relics from a bygone era, best relegated to the scrap heap of history and forgotten, could not be more off base. Now more than ever the Church needs to be equipped to stand against secular onslaughts from without and deceiving wolves from within. This year our Summer Series is designed to do just that. I hope you will join me.

Pastor Dan

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Sunday Morning Preview - June 17, 2018

Please join us at DCC this Sunday morning for what is sure to be a wonderful time in fellowship and in the Word of God.

The morning gets under way at 9:45 with pre-service prayer and then coffee time.

The service begins at 10:30 with our usual time of worship and fellowship, and then Pastor Dan Van De Laar will be continuing his current sermon series entitled; A Study Through the Epistle of Hebrews.

If you’ve missed any of the earlier messages in the series they are available on our website at

Hope to see you all there! 

- Pastor Dan 

Friday, June 08, 2018

Sunday Morning Preview - June 10, 2018

Please join me this Sunday morning at DCC as we conclude our time in the Book of Malachi with Part Two of “The Day of the Lord”.

Having looked at a tremendous amount of scripture relating the many warnings and promises concerning the day of the Lord, there are many directions we could follow in our study of the topic from this point. One thing emerges in my mind as an overwhelming fact, —  when the Bible covers a topic this extensively, we are not left the option to ignore it or to write it off as the purview of a few intellectual scholars and some wing-nut fanatics.

The authors of the New Testament seem to be united in the idea that believers are to possess a faith-sustained holiness on the day of Christ — the day of His return, when the dead in Christ will be raised.

This Sunday we will examine what exactly it means to be “blameless at the coming of our Lord”.

Pastor Dan