Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sunday Morning Preview - January 28, 2018

This Sunday at DCC we will have our Annual Business Meeting which includes the 2017 Financial Report and the Budget Projection for 2018. This past year was in many ways our best to date fiscally so please come out as we rejoice in God’s faithfulness and answered prayer.

I expect the business meeting will be short, encouraging, and uneventful and that there will be plenty of time to wrap up the passage of Malachi that we have been working through for the past month.

I must admit that it delights me to no end to be able to preach a sermon entitled “Unfaithful-Part 3” on the day of the annual business meeting. Hope to see everyone there!

Pastor Dan

P.S. The sermon is about marriage, not money! 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sunday Morning Preview - January 21, 2018

This Sunday we are excited to welcome Pastor Terry & Teen Challenge to minister at DCC.

Adult & Teen Challenge of Central Canada is a 12-month Christian discipleship program for men & woman struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction.

The first Teen Challenge centre was founded by the late David Wilkerson, author of The Cross and the Switchblade, more than 50 years ago in Brooklyn NY. Today Teen Challenge operates more than 1000 programs in 80 countries around the globe, making it the largest and most successful faith-based drug treatment program in the world.

Invite a friend who would be encouraged to hear and see the life changing power of the gospel in the lives of those who come to faith in Christ.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Sunday Morning Preview - January 14, 2018

This Sunday at Dakota:
  • Communion
  • Pick-up 2017 Donation Receipts
  • Part 2 of Unfaithful from Malachi 2:10-16
Hope to see you all out for this holy gathering! 

Pastor Dan

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Sunday Morning Preview - January 7, 2018

I saw the inside of a lot of churches when I was kid, Dad was posted to a new Army Base every few years, so there was that. Plus we visited church going relatives during holidays AND it used to be the polite thing to do to accept any invitation to a “special service” at the church of a random co-worker or neighbour. It all added up!  

Mostly I remember the mind-numbing boredom, “How many verses can one song have anyway?” I remember something else too though. I remember a hushed sense of awe, a quiet reverence, stained glass windows with the morning sun shining brightly through, huge oak beams and polished wooden pews that smelled of lemon pledge. There was something special about it all, though I could never put my finger on just what.
In all of those church visits I never once heard a clear proclamation of the gospel so when I finally did become a believer I rejected everything that smacked of those empty childhood religious experiences. I’ve since learned that was a mistake. 

To profane something is to treat what is holy as though it were common. 

That is what Malachi is going after this week… me too! 

Pastor Dan