Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sunday Morning Preview - July 2, 2017

It is popular in our time to avoid clear delineation in favour of less-offensive generalizations. The oft repeated “I’m spiritual, not religious” is a prime example of this. “Spiritual” is hard to nail down, it’s blurry around the edges and could mean almost anything. Picture Oprah smiling and nodding her approval. “Religious”  on the other hand is easily defined. Which religion do you practise? At once a concise understanding emerges; sanctuaries, bibles, worship styles, prayers, and observances all come clearly into view. 

In teaching the disciples to pray, Jesus was precise regarding Who we are praying to and how His name is to be treated. Our prayers need to reflect that precision.

I hope you will all join me this holiday weekend as we continue our series on the Lord’s Prayer with a message entitled “Hallowed Be Your Name”.

Pastor Dan 

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