Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sunday Morning Preview - June 25, 2017

This Sunday morning at DCC we continue our series on the Lord’s Prayer with a message entitled “God Our Father”. 

The Bible has much to say about the human condition and the various ways that sin has permeated and perverted it. “Incurvatus in se” is the Latin phrase used perhaps first by Augustine of Hippo and later by Martin Luther to describe our sinful state as “man curved inward on himself" rather than outward toward God and others. 

In teaching His disciples to pray, Jesus confronts this selfish tendency head-on by directing them/us to pray “Our Father” rather than the more-natural-feeling “My Father”.  All alone in my prayer closet it seems silly to be using the plural form. Am I not seeking forgiveness for my sins, deliverance from my temptations, and most importantly the provision of my daily bread? Isn’t it Jesus who instructs us to secure our own breathing apparatus before trying to help others in the event of a loss of cabin pressure? Like it says, “God helps those who help themselves”, right? 

Pastor Dan

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