Friday, June 09, 2017

Sunday Morning Preview - June 11, 2017

Please join me this Sunday morning at Dakota Community Church as we begin our Summer Series for 2017 entitled “The Lord’s Prayer”.

I'm wondering what went through your mind when you first heard that the summer series at DCC this year is going to focus on the Lord's prayer? Was there any kind of stirring toward excitement? Did you immediately begin to anticipate a time of growth or maybe a rekindling of passion for what was once a central part of your life as a believer? No? Then perhaps your mind drifted back to that popular teaching on the subject from Larry Levy in the 1980s as you moaned, “Not that again?" I sincerely hope that you did not experience a rush of guilt followed by an angry bristling against memories of religious legalism and the accompanying manipulations.

Whatever your presuppositions, please choose to set them aside. 
Salvation does not come because we pray, nor does it come apart from it.

Pastor Dan 

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