Friday, June 26, 2015

Sunday Morning Preview - June 28, 2015

The plan for this Sunday morning at Dakota is to take an honest look at the state of affairs financially at this, the mid-way point of 2015. 

The topic of giving is always a sensitive matter for some believers but it is very important that we understand what is expected of us especially in light of the correct distinctions between law and gospel.

The Law of God is the way He wants us to live, His commandments, principles, and injunctions. As such, the Law of God always "Shows Our Sin" because we can never perfectly keep God's Law. The Gospel is the Good News that though we can never earn God's favour with our works, merit, or worthiness, God has provided salvation for us free of charge in Jesus.

So how does this wonderful good news effect our finances and the support of the local church?
I hope you will all join me for this mid-year “State of the Church Address

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