Friday, June 19, 2015

Sunday Morning Preview - June 21, 2015

We have a great morning planned for this Sunday at DCC. We will be dedicating the newest member of our family to the Lord and praying together for her parents. 

As a special gift from myself to all the dads in the congregation; I will NOT be preaching a father’s day sermon — instead we will be wrapping up our look at the life of Gideon with special focus on the use of this passage as a support for the idea of positive confession theology. A couple of ideas for you to chew on in preparation:

God spoke the world into being, and we are created in His image; does that mean that our words are a creative force to be used or misused in shaping our lives?
Is the angel of the Lord trying to get Gideon to change his confession about himself in Judges 6:12?
Is the LORD in need of human co-operation in order to accomplish His purposes here on earth?

I hope to see you all Sunday!

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