Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sunday Morning Preview - June 14, 2015

The plan for this Sunday morning at Dakota is to return to our journey through the Book of Judges with a further look at the life and calling of Gideon. Last time we were considering the important differences between repentance and regret and now I want to go on from there to contrast the righteousness of God to the continually rebellious heart of His people.

I think most of us would agree that life on this fallen planet is not fair, justice here is exceedingly rare.
It is not fair that you and I were born here in a land of plenty and other wonderful children are born in abject poverty in third world nations. It is not fair that some but not all face childhood disease. It is not fair that some get 100 years of life while others die in the womb. We could go on indefinitely! 

Do any or all of these harsh realities mean that God is either unloving or lacking power? 
I hope to see you all Sunday morning for “Gideon 3”. 

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