Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sunday Morning Preview - March 17, 2013

Living as we do in the age of information technology, the average Christian is exposed to a far wider array of teaching and teachers than any other generation that came before. Regardless of denominational affiliation or faith tradition, ideas and “doctrines” are being exchanged via books, blogs, podcasts, and various digital sound bites ranging from Twitter to Instagram to Youtube video. The resulting common awareness has birthed a surging unity that calls strongly for the abandoning of our differences and for  the embracing of a kind of church wide "don’t ask, don’t tell” policy where any argument might arise.

Of coarse we recognize that unity is a great and important thing, Jesus makes clear his desire that we "all be one" in His famous high priestly prayer in John 17; but is what we are seeing, what Jesus had in mind? 
What of truth? 
What good is a unity that is based on avoiding essential fundamentals of the faith, - is that unity at all?

I hope you will join me this Sunday for “Unmasked -Distinguishing Between True and False Teaching/teachers” 

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