Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sunday Morning Preview - December 2, 2012

Well another Church Year has flown by and we find ourselves once again approaching the first Sunday of Advent. Our thoughts turn toward Bethlehem and the coming of the long awaited Messiah; and of course here in 2012, Christmas is in the air. The children are excited, the malls are a zoo, and Christians everywhere struggle to find hope for the season and to keep Christ in the forefront.

This Sunday we will light the “hope” candle & I will share a message entitled; “Hope for the Season”.

Hope is hardwired into us; we cannot help ourselves – as the poet Alexander Pope says – “Hope springs eternal in the human breast”! All of our choices are fueled by the hope of a better future.
We begin or end relationships based on hope, we change careers or enter a new line of study - based on hope. Could it be that God is working against us in this endless endeavor? If so; why? Why would a loving God want to lead us to a point of hopelessness and despair?

Find out Sunday at 10:30.

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