Friday, December 05, 2014

Sunday Morning Preview - December 7, 2014

Last Sunday we talked about how mankind was created by God for the express purpose of loving Him. In Adam humanity fell by committing the ultimate act of betrayal, choosing love of self rather than love of God.

This week I want to add to that the idea that we were also created for God’s glory. 
Men long to be caught up in glory, we are very much glory focused. We are seekers of glory, in fact it would not be a stretch to say that we are somewhat glory obsessed much of the time.
Think about the role our desire for glory plays in sports or in war. Think about the fame and fortune that come with excellence in art or theatre or music. Consider the glory that belongs to the high achiever in business or academia. Even in the church there are pursuits of human glory that cause all manner of wickedness.

But what of the Glory of God that the angels heralded? 
Can any of us honestly say, “I lived with the glory of God in view this week.” 

I hope you will join me Sunday morning for an advent message I have entitled, “The Promise.”

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