Thursday, December 11, 2014

Busy Weekend Planned for DCC!

We have a busy weekend planned at DCC:

On Friday evening at 6:30 we have the Sunday School Christmas Pageant practice. Pizza will be provided and pick-up is at 8

Sunday morning we will start things off at 10 am with a Pre-Concert Pot Luck Brunch followed by the Sunday School Presentation, a time of worship and a brief message from Pastor Joel. 
Please remember to bring along some brunch type goodies to share, beverages will be provided. 

"I came that they might have life and have it abundantly" How can these words of Jesus be true when so many of us have suffered terrible loss and pain? Life, let alone Christmas, has left many of us disappointed. It promises one thing and delivers another. Promises of "abundant life" and "joy to the world" sound to some of us more like the neurotic fantasy's of some out-of-touch charismatics than anything we've seen or experienced. Is it even possible that the joy suggested to us in scripture can become more than just intellectual? Jesus thought so. 

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