Friday, July 04, 2014

Sunday Morning Preview - July 6, 2014

I hope you will all join me this Sunday at Dakota Community Church for the kick-off of our Summer Series for 2014 entitled; “The Ten Commandments”.

How exciting is the prospect of spending the summer digging into the law? Don’t you just relish the mere thought of discovering additional rules and regulations you may have missed? 
Think outside the Bible for a second. 
Who hasn't thought at year end, “Oh boy I hope the tax laws have been expanded.”
Who doesn’t get excited when the boss announces a meeting to discuss new policies & procedures?

If just the thought of greater regulation exhausts you, you may not be alone; but is this how we should feel about the law of God? 

Is it possible that we are missing something important in our unending demand for unfettered freedom?

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barbbfly said...

i had to lawf cuz we dont mind hardcore teachings about law.
its cuz someone told me riverwood is doing psalms -its like an opposite to me -oh well i had a lol.
i just listened to a long bible study on youtube by doug hamp -in matthew and the one o posted on fb was where he talked about leviticus also -i like him and he studied in jerusalem hebrew and greek -he has a jewish perspective too. i love the jews!ttfn.