Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sunday Morning Preview - July 20, 2014

For the summer of 2014 at Dakota we are working our way through the Ten Commandments seeking to more fully understand the requirements of God’s Law; especially as to how it is to be applied in the lives of New Testament believers. 

This week we will be focusing our attention on the third commandment which deals with the use and misuse of God’s name.

If we think of the modern business world with its trademarks and copyrights it is not hard to grasp the importance of protecting a good name. If you have ever been slandered or had someone misrepresent your words or actions to others then you know how hurtful and frustrating that can be, and yet the Name that is above every name is routinely used as a common curse word in our time. 

When Jesus taught the disciples how to pray His first instruction was that the Name of the Father is to be “hallowed”; so where is the breakdown? Is it possible that God’s Name is abused in our world because it is not properly respected within the Church? 

I hope to see you Sunday for more along these lines.

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barbbfly said...

hi - i am glad we are doing and dealing with the 10 commandments. --- on a side note -(next time we remember what the Lord did i hope you can give me a few moments to check my sin before i take the Lord's supper) . ***my fave name of God is ... whether i am a believer in: 1) God and i together making history or 2) he's doing it all on his own with morality or 3) without subjecting himself to morality, aside from morals