Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sunday Morning September 1, 2013 at Dakota

This Sunday at Dakota Community Church the plan is to continue our Summer 2013 series, “Building Community” (based on a portion of “Gospel in Life” by Tim Keller) with the eighth of now ten sermons, this one entitled - “Serving One Another Through Accountability - Part 2.” 

I hope to tackle the second of my two major ideas from last week when we looked at the whole concept of Christian service. Please listen here - ( if you missed that important message.

This Sunday I plan to examine the idea of accountability within the context of the local church.
What is meant by being accountable to one another? How is being accountable to one another an act of christian service? And is Christ like growth even possible without accountability to one another?

I hope to see you Sunday morning, 
Pastor Dan

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