Friday, August 16, 2013

Sunday Morning Preview - August 18, 2013

This Sunday at Dakota Community Church the plan is to continue our Summer 2013 series, “Building Community” (based on a portion of “Gospel in Life” by Tim Keller) with the sixth of nine sermons, this one entitled - “Sharing One Another’s Beliefs, Thinking & Spirituality.” 

Sharing beliefs, thinking, and spirituality. How is that going to look?

Prosperity, healing, and prophetic words. Angels, demons, authority, secrets, keys, secret keys, and proclamations. Prayers of faith, prayers of petition, unceasing prayers, vain repetitious prayers, and soaking prayers. Pre-tribulation rapture, mid-tribulation rapture, post-tribulation rapture, no tribulation rapture, and no rapture, rapture. NIV, ESV, NASB, NKJV, or Paul’s favorite, the KJV! Beliefs about music styles, beliefs about beverage choices, beliefs about clothing options, beliefs about entertainment acceptability.

Have any strong feelings about any of these? Come Sunday prepared to share! JUST KIDDING! 

How then do we share beliefs, thinking, and spirituality in such a way that community is built?

I hope to see you all this Sunday morning.

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