Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sunday Morning Preview - April 7, 2013

This Sunday the plan is to finish the message I began on March 17th about unmasking false teachers and teachings. 

One side effect of the recent explosion in the field of information technology is a common awareness which in turn has birthed a surging unity that calls for the abandoning of our differences and for  the embracing of a kind of church wide “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy where any argument might arise.

Recognizing that unity is very important, Jesus makes this clear in His famous high priestly prayer in John 17 -  one must still ask the question: “Is what we are seeing in the church today the unity that Jesus had in mind?” 
What of truth? What good is a unity that is based on avoiding essential fundamentals of the faith, - is that unity at all? If you missed the first installment of this message you may review it here.

Please join me this Sunday for “Unmasked 2 -Distinguishing Between True and False Teaching/teachers” 

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