Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sunday Morning Preview - April 28, 2013

I hope you will join me this Sunday morning as we continue our journey through the book of Ephesians by digging deeper into the call of God upon Christians to live lives of purity that glorify Him.

We are looking at five characteristics of fallen man - (hardness of heart, love of darkness, blind ignorance, wickedness, and alienation from God) - that are not to be true of those who are in Christ, noting however that the fingerprints of these characteristics remain on us as sanctification occurs over time.

What is the correct way to handle this reality? 
Do we put off the “old man” and put on the “new man” by speaking positively and denying that these characteristics still exist in us? On the contrary, I want to prove that it is essential to Christian development that these dark traits be acknowledged, confessed, and repented of as often as they arise. Find out why Sunday!

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