Friday, February 22, 2013

Sunday Morning Preview - February 24, 2013

This Sunday morning at DCC we will complete our study of the fourth and final of the ministry gifts - pastor teacher, with a look at the pastoral requirements pertaining to correctly handling and preaching the Word of God. 
Emphasis on correct doctrinal teaching makes perfect sense considering the fact that Christians are entirely dependent on the Bible for everything related to salvation, faith and life. 

What exactly is meant by “sound doctrine” and how can we know if a pastor is teaching it or not?
What’s the big deal if a pastor is preaching non-biblical topics as long as they are helpful, or if he is reading things into the text that are not there, or even if he is supporting his points with passages of scripture that are actually unrelated to the point he is making? 

I hope you will join me this Sunday for what is sure to be a refreshing time in the Word of God. 

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