Friday, February 15, 2013

Sunday Morning Preview - February 17, 2013

The plan for this Sunday morning at DCC is to begin a study of the fourth and final of the Ephesians 4 ministry gifts - pastor teacher.

A few of the issues I hope to address include:

Why combine the two terms, pastor and teacher into one category?
What is the primary roll of the pastor and how is it to be accomplished?
The Bible details high standards for those who would be elders or overseers in the church, who can meet these standards and how?
Are pastors and/or elders to be obeyed by those they care for and if obedience is a requirement, are there exceptions to the rule and are there conditions that must be met by those in leadership rolls? 

I hope you will join me this Sunday for what is sure to be a refreshing time in the Word of God. 

Pastor Dan

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