Friday, March 02, 2012

This Sunday at DCC

This Sunday morning we are going to resume our journey through the Old Testament Book of Judges.
The Book covers a chaotic period in Israel's history between the years 1380 and 1050 B.C. Under Joshua's leadership, Israel had conquered and occupied the land of Canaan, but extensive areas hadn't yet passed into the hands of the individual tribes.

Over time the following pattern, known as the “Cycle of Sin”, emerged: Israel did evil - GOD delivered them into the hands of various oppressors - the people cried out to the LORD for help - a judge brought God’s deliverance. This Sunday morning the plan is to over the life of the first judge: Othniel and if there is time the 2nd - Ehud.

The passage we are looking at this week indicates that God does not defeat some enemies in order to teach and test His people. Is that right? If so is God just in doing that and how is that possible?

Hope to see you Sunday - 230 Provencher Blvd (Downstairs)

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