Thursday, March 08, 2012

This Sunday at DCC (Mar. 11, 2012)

This Sunday morning we will share communion before continuing our journey through the Old Testament Book of Judges. You may wish to review the Series opening sermon here and/or week 2 here.

The passage we are looking at this week (Judges 3:1-11) reveals that God does not defeat some of Israel’s enemies in the Promised Land in order to teach and test His people. 

Does that rub anyone else the wrong way taken at face value? Keep in mind the terrible acts of war that occurred as a result of these “lessons and tests”; how is God just if this is true? For that matter - how is God good, and right, and holy, and perfect, and our loving heavenly Father; if He allows lessons and tests such as these?

One common response to these types of difficult biblical passages is to say that the author’s humanity entered into the picture as he wrote - in other words, it seemed to the author that God “did” or “allowed” this - but he was mistakenly writing from a fallen human perspective that is ultimately incorrect. We’ll see why that response is way off base and we’ll look at how to reconcile our theology to tough passages like this, rather than trying to bend the scripture to fit our understanding!

The plan now is to finish up the life of the first judge: Othniel and hopefully to get a good portion of the life of the left-handed (2nd) judge - Ehud - completed as well! Hope to see you 1 hour earlier (but still) Sunday at 10:30

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