Tuesday, May 17, 2011

For Me

O Most loving Saviour, who was “wounded for our transgressions,” and “bruised for our iniquities” I adore and bless your infinite love and compassion, which brought you to such unutterable sufferings for me the chief of sinners. For me you suffered agony in the garden, when your soul was exceedingly sorrowful, even unto death, and your sweat was as great drops of blood falling down to the ground. For me you did bear the cruel kiss of the traitor, and the forsaking of your chosen disciples. For me you were falsely accused, and unjustly condemned. For me you were mocked, and struck, and spit upon. For me you did wear the sharp crown of piercing thorns. For me was your sacred flesh mangled with the scourges. For me you went forth bearing the cross until you did sink under the load. For me you hung in mortal agony upon the cross, the nails rending your holy hands and feet. For me you prayed “Father forgive them;” for I too have crucified you by my sins. For me you endured the terrible hiding of your Father’s face, and the awful death struggle, and the parting asunder of soul and body. O infinite Love, kindle in my cold heart, the flame of love for you! Touch my dry and stony heart with the rod of your power that the stream of love may flow forth! And “by your agony and bloody sweat; by your cross and passion; by your precious death and burial; Good Lord deliver me. Amen. (W. Walsham How, D.D.)

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