Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sunday Morning Preview - November 20, 2016

I hope everyone will be able to join me this Sunday morning at DCC as we turn our attention once again to the Book of Judges. As you may recall from a couple of weeks ago we are studying the life of Samson and so far we have focused on the faithfulness of God as seen in His continual presence with Israel in spite of their ongoing rebellion and idolatry. 

Far from serving as a moral example to be followed, Samson serves more as a testimony to God’s grace. His demonstrates that it is the Spirit of God who empowers his servants —  even though they do not deserve or earn it in any way. This may actually be the most encouraging news this book has to offer to the likes of you and I! Think about it. The Holy Spirit empowers His servants, despite their obvious sinful conduct and continual failings. That is very good news indeed!

Pastor Dan

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