Thursday, September 01, 2016

Sunday Morning Preview - September 4, 2016

I hope everyone will be able to join me this Sunday morning at Dakota for a special long weekend sermon I have entitled; “Persecuted for the Gospel

Christians were hung upside down on ropes and beaten so severely that their bodies swung back and forth under the blows. Christians were put in ice-box "refrigerator cells" which were so cold, frost and ice covered the inside. I was thrown into one with very little clothing on. Prison doctors would watch through an opening until they saw symptoms of freezing to death, then they would give a warning and guards would rush in to take us out and make us warm. When we were finally warmed, we would immediately be put back in the ice-box cells to freeze—over and over again! Thawing out, then freezing to within just one minute or two of death, then being thawed out again. It continued endlessly. Even today sometimes I can't bear to open a refrigerator. 
Tortured for Christ” by Richard Wurmbrand (Page 37)

Christian brothers and sisters around the world have suffered horribly for the sake of the gospel and not just if far off places in some bygone era. Thankfully nothing like this could ever happen here. Right?

Pastor Dan

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