Thursday, June 09, 2016

Sunday Morning Preview - June 12, 2016

This Sunday at Dakota we will continue our study in the book of James heading into the fifth and final chapter which begins with a rather stern warning to the rich.

Is James saying  in this week’s passage that it is somehow sinful to obtain wealth and to enjoy what we might call the good life? Is there something displeasing to God about wanting to succeed at work or in trying to improve our lives with education or specialized training? 
Are Christians meant to remain content in their “station” in life, never trying to advance in any way?

If that isn’t what’s going on here; what is? 
Do the prosperity gospel preachers have it right? Why or why not?

Please join me for what is sure to be an interesting time in this 26th instalment in the Epistle of James entitled; “Fat Hearts in a Day of Slaughter.” 

Pastor Dan

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