Thursday, February 04, 2016

Sunday Morning Preview - February 7, 2016

This Sunday at Dakota we will continue our study in the book of James with a further examination of the power of the tongue.

Whenever I am preaching to unbelievers I like to point out that we are unable to save ourselves in that we are incapable of sticking with even the most minor of resolutions toward self-improvement. No matter how determined we are to be better, we inevitably fall back into sinful patterns in very short order. One of the most obvious evidences of this is our inability to tame the tongue.

Our mothers all tried to teach us; “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” You know the rest!
In this Sunday’s text James is very much reinforcing our mother’s good intentions in this area. The tongue is small. But its power, both for good and for ill, is out of all proportion to its size. 
Have you ever benefitted from a few  kind or encouraging words? Have you ever known the sting of gossip?

I hope you will join me for this 19th instalment in the Epistle of James entitled; “World of Unrighteousness 2.

Pastor Dan

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