Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sunday Morning Preview - November 1, 2015

I hope you will join me this Sunday morning at DCC as we continue our journey through the Epistle of James with Part 5 of “Pure Religion”.

What does James mean when he says Christians are to keep themselves “Unstained from the world”?

Most of us are personally acquainted with at least one believer who has taken this verse as the foundation to support all kinds of legalistic nonsense.

Are Christians meant to understand this verse to mean that we are not to:
  • Watch television, go to movies, or listen to the radio?
  • Attend sporting events or view cultural displays such as art exhibits, opera, or the theatre?
  • Frequent dining establishments that serve liquor or feature live music?
  • Participate in politics, public education, or the market place?

Join me this Sunday for a sober look at worldliness; and what it means to avoid it.

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