Thursday, April 09, 2015

Sunday April 12, 2015 at Dakota

I hope you will join me this Sunday morning as we celebrate communion together and return to the Book of Judges for the next few weeks.

You may recall that there is a repeated cycle throughout this book — a cycle of sin, bondage, repentance, and devotion, followed by sin and bondage again. Israel would follow the Lord when there was a leader who reminded them of the ways in which they should walk, but with his death they again wandered off into idolatry. We are now up to Gideon, the fifth Judge, so the cycle is becoming familiar. This time however; something new occurs, God sends an unnamed prophet to let the people know why these things keep happening to them.

The plan is to look at several foundational truths, including the difference between repentance and regret, as we lay the ground work for understanding this famous and complicated Champion of Israel.

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