Friday, January 02, 2015

January 4, 2015 at Dakota

I thought we’d start 2015 off with a little fire by way of a study of Ezekiel 14 which addresses the serious problem of idolatry and the judgement it demands. 

To set up an idol is to reject God in favour of human preferences. I think you will agree that we don’t have to travel back to Ezekiel’s time to see this practice amoung believers, it is evident all around us. We hold to a confession of faith but our lifestyles routinely deny it. We claim devotion to church, but the slightest excuse to miss will do, we sing fervently in worship and support missions but many of us haven’t actually shared the gospel with anyone in years. We boast of a love for the LORD and maintain a show of loyalty to HIM but our deepest concerns, our financial habits and our use of time betray idols of sex, comfort, success and a thousand other exultations of self.

I hope to see you all Sunday morning for a fiery good time in the first service of the New Year and a sermon I have entitled, “Taking Idols into our Hearts.

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barbbfly said...

this is my debt to my Savior that i ask him forgiveness for -is that i am not out on the street and the park like acts 2 and sharing the gospel of good news! Father forgive me my debt as I forgive those who have debts against me.