Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sunday November 23, 2014 at Dakota

Although it seems hard to believe the year has flown by and this Sunday is the final one before Advent for 2014. In preparation for our annual holiday series I wanted to take this week to begin turning our thoughts toward the season and especially toward why the incarnation was necessary.

According to Ezekiel 34 God has a bone to pick with the leaders He has called and appointed to care for His people Israel. They are supposed to feed and protect His flock in the way that a faithful shepherd feeds and protects the sheep; instead they have used their positions of authority to fleece the flock, exploiting them and making themselves rich and comfortable in the process while the sheep suffer.

Are there any parallels between these Old Testament shepherds and today’s pastors?
What does God offer as a solution to all of these problems?

I hope to see you Sunday for a great time in the Word of God!

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