Thursday, October 02, 2014

October 5, 2014 at Dakota

I hope everyone will be able to join me this Sunday morning as we look at the always controversial topic of women in ministry. This week the focus is on the doctrinal position known as complementarianism and in two weeks we will look at the opposing view called egalitarianism.

Basically complementarianism is the belief that the male and female genders  are ordained by God and created to complement, or complete, each other. Complementarians believe that men and women are equal but that there are different or complementary roles that they are designed to fulfil. Obediently following those divinely ordained roles furthers the ministry of God’s people and allows men and women to reach their God-given potential, furthermore; any modern-day blurring of the genders or distortion of the roles is seen as being a result of the fall.

Please fasten your seat belts and assume the crash position. I’ll see you Sunday :-)

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