Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Sunday 2014 at Dakota

I am hoping you will all come out to celebrate Easter this Sunday at Dakota Community Church. The message I have prepared is in keeping with the holiday and is (not surprisingly) entitled; “He is Risen!

Just how important is it to the Christian faith that Jesus rose from the tomb on that third day? Does it really matter all that much? Doesn’t Christianity still have plenty to offer without all those supernatural and/or miraculous elements? Think of all the great teaching Jesus did; the golden rule, the importance of love and forgiveness and let’s not forget about turning the other cheek.

The truth is that a Christianity without a resurrected Christ is of no value whatsoever to anyone. For more on this I look forward to seeing you Sunday morning. 

*Please Note: This Sunday will be a “family service” which means no Sunday School will be provided

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