Friday, March 28, 2014

Sunday Morning Preview - March 30, 2014

This Sunday at Dakota we will begin to consider the ramifications of the gospel on married life as outlined in Ephesians 5:21-33 as well as a few other passages.

A few of the points I hope to cover include:

  • Unmarried adults and their role within the Body of Christ; do we need to be in the match making business in order to help these poor folks find fulfillment?
  • Does the Bible really require sexual abstinence outside of marriage, what about inside it?
  • When disagreements arise in a marriage, who gets the final word, I mean whose will is obeyed or… um… what I’m trying to say is who “wins”; who gets what they want every time?
  • What is a wife’s submission to look like and how is a husband’s love to mirror Christ’s love?

I hope you will join me for this 66th instalment in the Ephesians Series entitled; “Biblical Family 3

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