Friday, October 04, 2013

Sunday Morning Preview - October 6, 2013

After the long summer “community building” break I am excited to be taking up where left off on our trek through the Book of Ephesians.

You will recall that Paul is teaching what life is to look like for the christian in light of the gospel. He gives six behaviors to discontinue - because they destroy unity and six replacement behaviors which will foster and protect unity.
To date we have covered: Instead of lying; speak truth, instead of outbursts of wrath; righteous anger, and instead of stealing; working and contributing to the church body.

This week, in an exposition of Ephesians 4:29-30, we will address the topic of proper conversation amoung saints. 
  • What exactly is meant by the phrase “corrupting talk”? 
  • Is Paul saying that Christians should never speak words of rebuke or correction? 
  • Are we to avoid any talk that might result in someone’s feelings getting hurt or someone being offended?
  • What is “positive confession” theology and what if anything is wrong with it?

I hope to see you at Church this Sunday at 10:30!
Pastor Dan

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