Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunday Morning Preview - December 23, 2012

We know that God loves us and yet we have repeatedly seen that His story, the Christian story, is not about us. Somehow God’s love for us means that our purpose is to glorify Him, to make much of Him, to enjoy - that is; to find all of our satisfaction - in Him.

Does that seem a little backward to anyone else?
I feel loved when I am the one being made much of, not when I am being told I am not central; and doesn’t all of this “glorify Me” talk leave God seeming petty, self-absorbed, and maybe even a little narcissistic?
How does the God-centeredness of God relate to his love for sinners like us?
How is God's passion for His glory an act of love?

This Sunday morning we will see that God's love for us keeps HIM at the center because it has to! - “HE created all things, and by HIS will they were created and have their being.”

I hope to see you for more along these lines this Sunday morning.

Pastor Dan

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