Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sunday Morning Preview

This Sunday morning we will continue our examination of the book of Ephesians - diving further into Paul’s explanation of how this message of grace actually looks as it is lived out by believers in relationship with each other in the Church. 

We have seen that unity amoung believers requires humility and patience from all, but that this unity is not meant to result in uniformity. God desires us to be “One in Christ” but He does not want us to be all exactly the same; in fact, as we will see this week, it is God who is the author of the gifts and that the gifts themselves are varied in both character and function. Clearly this sets up a situation in the Church that will require constant reliance upon the Holy Spirit if schism and division is to be avoided. (Now doesn’t that explain a few things?)

Hope to see you Sunday morning for: “Grace at Work 5 - Understanding Gifts and Service” 

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