Saturday, January 14, 2012

This Sunday at DCC

What you heard from me, keep as the pattern of sound teaching, with faith and love in Christ Jesus. Guard the good deposit that was entrusted to you—guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.  (2 Timothy 1:13-14)

I hope everyone will join our gathering for these first few Sunday mornings of 2012 at DCC because we have some important unfinished business to tie up.

This week I want to conclude our look at the Apostle’s Creed from the last Sunday before Advent. What, if any; are the current threats to sound teaching? What, if anything; can be done about them?

Next Week I hope to wrap up our “Unity of the Body” Series from Ephesians 2:11-22 and the final Sunday in January will be the year end review, our annual “Money Sunday” service in which we will have a great deal to discuss and decisions to make.

Why not turn over a new leaf for 2012 and become a regular attendee if you are not one already - don’t miss any of the next three weeks if it is at all possible!

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